BCA Consultancy

BCA Consultancy

Building Code of Australia (BCA) Consultancy

The BCA provides the minimum standards of building construction within Australia. Each state and territory has different variations to the BCA depending on climate, topography and other relevant requirements particular to the state or region.

BCA assessments are often required to be undertaken on either draft plans or on existing buildings to assess compliance with the Code. Such assessments can cover a range of important construction issues such as structural stability, fire resistance, access and egress, health and amenity and energy-efficient building design. These issues apply to both residential and commercial projects.

AcroCert staff members have significant skills and experience within the local government and private sector in regard to undertaking comprehensive BCA assessments that are provided within agreed timeframes and that provide clients with the assurances they need to proceed with their development projects in the most cost-effective and efficient manner.

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