Complying Development / Construction Certificates

Complying Development / Construction Certificates

Assessment of Applications for either Complying Development or Construction Certificates

In NSW not all developments require Development Approval by Council. AcroCert can provide Complying Development Certificate approvals (which is a streamlined approval taking considerably less time to be approved) for a wide range of building types under numerous State Environmental Planning Policies relevant to the specific development. Call us today to find out if the building work you’re considering carrying out can be assessed for Complying Development

Should your project require development consent from Council, AcroCert can assess the approved Development Approval plans and development consent in order to work towards the issue of a Construction Certificate. We will ensure that your development meets the requirements of the Building Code of Australia prior to the issue of the consent.

On your next building project, AcroCert can do all of the following:

  • Act as the PCA
  • Assess building design, construction plans and DA conditions of consent to ensure BCA compliance
  • Issue Construction Certificates or Complying Development Approvals
  • Conduct mandatory critical stage inspections or other inspections as required throughout the course of construction as either an accredited certifier or acting as the PCA
  • Issue Occupation Certificates at the completion of works
  • Provide advice and assistance on all development and building matters

AcroCert’s Scope of Works generally includes those tasks required to assess a Construction Certificate or Complying Development Application for determination, to conduct subsequent critical stage inspections and to issue appropriate Occupation Certificates. Such tasks normally include the following:
  • Initial Site Assessment and Inspection
  • Assessment of detailed plans and specifications for compliance with the Building Code of Australia
  • Preparation of a Notice of Determination and Notice of Inspections
  • Lodgement of appropriate documentation and payment of registration fees with local government authority
  • Conduct of mandatory critical stage inspections (including photographic evidence)
  • Arrangement and coordination of compliance certificates where appropriate
  • Final assessment of conditions of development consent
  • Issue of a Final Occupation Certificate
  • Full liaison with the client

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