Why Use AcroCert

Why Use AcroCert

AcroCert provides professional advice and personal service to those people who want a fast, efficient, stress-free building approval and inspection experience.

Here at AcroCert, we understand that the money you are spending to build your development is probably the most money you will ever spend on one thing within your lifetime.

We can help to make sure that you get the right outcome with each building project by working with you to ensure you receive value for money and top-quality service delivery.

Are you:

  • Feeling frustrated or confused with the development approval and building inspection process?
  • Not sure of your best options when it comes to obtaining the approvals and inspections now required for all development and building projects?
  • Tired of confusing ‘red tape’ and costly delays?
  • Looking for a more personalised building certification and inspection service that is locally based?
  • Needing to feel that your project is an important priority and is given the consideration it deserves?

What do we have to offer?

We’re Fast

AcroCert provide a fast and professional service that is simply better than what you’ve come to expect from local government or other certification companies.

We’re Helpful

AcroCert’s friendly and professional staff are here to help you through the challenges of ensuring your building project meets all of the required legislative standards in the most cost-effective and efficient manner.

We’re Responsive

At AcroCert, your project means more to us than a number in a queue or another file in a pile. We understand how important it is for your project to be assessed and certified in the quickest possible time.

We also provide an inspection service that aims to suit your timings and requirements. If there’s a delay on-site and you need to delay an inspection to a later time that suits you, then AcroCert will provide the flexibility that others won’t.

Quality Assurance

AcroCert is committed to providing the highest-quality standards to all clients.

AcroCert attaches great importance to the quality of its building approval and inspection services. Verification of conformance of work with client requirements and with contractual and regulatory requirements is achieved on the basis of objective evidence of quality and regular reporting back to the client through the course of construction.

Insurance Cover

AcroCert’s Professional Indemnity Insurance policy covers all projects with an available compulsory indemnity of $10 million.

During 2012, AcroCert approved in excess of 1,400 building applications, with a construction value of more than $198 million.

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