Principal Certifying Authority

Principal Certifying Authority

Building works must not commence until a Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) has been appointed. It is the responsibility of the PCA to ensure that a Construction Certificate or Complying Development Certificate has been issued for building works. The PCA must certify that building works carried out in accordance with the approved plans and specifications will comply with the BCA.

The PCA is also responsible for ensuring that any pre-conditions to the issue of a Construction Certificate or Complying Development Certificate have been met and that the payment of any fees or contributions has been paid.

The PCA must also provide a Notice of Inspections which nominates each of the occasions where an accredited certifier will be required to visit the building site throughout the course of construction. The Notice of Inspections may also list any required certificates or information that the PCA requires in order to issue any Occupation Certificate.

On behalf of the applicant, Acrocert will issue the Notice of Commencement of Building Works at least 48 hours prior to works commencing. The Notice of Commencement cannot be issued unless the PCA is satisfied that relevant Home Owners Warranty Insurance or an Owner Builders Permit is in place.

The PCA must conduct the final inspection and determine if an Interim or Final Occupation Certificate can be issued. The issue of any Occupation Certificate may also be dependent on compliance with any pre-conditions of consent as may be applied to a Development Approval or Complying Development Certificate.

In Class 2-9 Buildings, the PCA is also responsible for issuing a Fire Safety Schedule in conjunction with the Construction Certificate or Complying Development Certificate. A Fire Safety Certificate must also be provided by the building owner or his or her agent back to the PCA, certifying each of the fire safety measures listed on the Fire Safety Schedule have been correctly installed prior to the issue of any Occupation Certificate.

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